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Breakfast and After-School Club


Breakfast and After-School Club
(Terms and Conditions September 2023)

Our Aims


  • To provide a happy and welcoming place where your child/children are valued
  • To ensure children are safe and well cared for
  • To offer a varied range of play opportunities
  • To have a strong partnership with parents/carers



We have places for 20 children at each club and welcome children from Reception up to Year 6. The Breakfast Club is managed by Mrs Alexander and our After-School Club is run by Mrs Hunnisett and Ms Mitchell.

A register is taken at the beginning of each session. We require sessions to be booked in advance and, therefore, ask that sessions are booked a term in advance.

Click here to book sessions in Breakfast and After-School Club

Please confirm via an email through that you have completed an online booking.

The spaces that you are allocated will run for the entire term, so please select your days carefully. The days selected will be fixed for the term.  These will role over to the following term, unless we are notified otherwise.  Changes to the following terms’ bookings are required by parents/carers by the penultimate week of term, to allow us to allocate unwanted spaces to those on the waiting list.

Special arrangements may be able to be made for emergency placements at the discretion of the Headteacher.

Places will be confirmed with you in advance of the sessions.  There will be a waiting list should any cancellations be made.

You can contact the school office until 4pm each day.


Breakfast Club

Fees per session: 7:45am to 8.45am = £6

Children enter the club, using the green gate for The Burrows.  Please ring the bell, if the gate is locked and a member of staff will accompany your child/children through to the breakfast club.

There will be a variety of foods available for children to eat including toast, crumpets, croissants, cereal, yoghurts and more! At 8.45am children will be dismissed to their classes.


After-School Club – £11 per session

3.15 pm to 5.30 pm - Monday to Thursday

3.15 pm to 5.00 pm - Friday

All children meet in The Glade as soon as they are dismissed from their classes.

Children are given a snack at After-School Club such as a sandwich, toast or crackers, followed by a yoghurt, biscuit, crisps or fruit. Children are encouraged to help themselves to a drink anytime during the session.

Activities – we give children the freedom to choose what they would like to do. Some options available include: art and crafts, play with construction toys, book sharing, games on laptops, board games, baking etc. There is always the opportunity for children to complete homework or read with an adult.

Children are encouraged to gain fresh air and exercise and will always be supervised by staff during any outside play. A range of outdoor equipment is available to play with, depending on the weather conditions.

Children can be collected from After-School Club any time during the session, however, prices for sessions remain as a fixed price per session.

Children will only be dismissed, at the end of a session to a parent, unless otherwise notified. In the event someone else should arrive to collect a child/children, without prior notice, a member of staff will telephone the parent/carer immediately for confirmation.

Children are to be collected from the green gate used to access The Burrows.


Further charges may be incurred if a child is collected late from After-School Club

These charges are necessary to cover staffing costs.


Booking and Payment

Payment should be paid via Parent Pay. A balance will appear termly for you to action payment, ideally prior to attendance. This can be paid in full or in instalments.  Childcare vouchers are accepted, however, please complete the ‘childcare voucher notification’ form.  


Emergency bookings

We may be able, on occasions, to offer emergency bookings, please contact the office.


Cancellation of a booking

A credit will be given if the school is closed due to weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances stopping the school from opening or the club operating.  Absence due to sickness will not be credited.



Should your child have an accident, our first-aid trained staff will offer appropriate treatment and complete an accident report record. You will be asked to sign this, so we know you have been informed.


In the event of a fire

Current school procedures will be followed.  The children will take part in termly fire drills so they are aware of the procedures. 



We follow the school rules with regards to behaviour, to ensure consistency for the children. Any inappropriate behaviour will be recorded and reported to Mrs Rooke and the place may be compromised.


Mrs Rooke (Headteacher of St Nicholas C of E School) has the overall responsibility of both the Breakfast and After-School Club. However, the daily operation of the Breakfast and After-Club will be overseen by the staff detailed above.

Please do not hesitate to contact the office if you have any questions or queries.

Mrs Rooke

June 2023


St Nicholas C of E Primary School
Sarajac Avenue
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