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Home Learning and School Closures

We value our links with our families and know the importance of this partnership when supporting children at home.  Each class will have weekly homework, varying by age and stage of the child.  In Early Years and Key Stage 1, this will primarily involve support with early reading, but we also encourage family collaboration with our family maths tasks.  

As children move into Key stage 2, we would expect them to become increasingly independent, but they will still need your support and encouragement.  Home learning provides valuable opportunity to practice previously taught skills as well as allowing them to build key organisational skills as we work together to support them in being fully 'secondary ready' by the time they leave Year 6.


Home learning for School Closures

We know that any school closure will impact differently on different families, and we acknowledge that children and families will face a variety of situations and challenges. However, we must ensure we consider the safety and well-being of all our children, staff and visitors to the school.  With this in mind, we take all possible actions to keep the school open, but have robust contingency plans should the school ever need to close.

Should we ever feel it is appropriate to close the school for a short period of time, particularly if severe weather may impact the safe running of the school, please access the links below to support children learning for this period.










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