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“Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.” Saint Augustine

The intent of our RE offer is to inspire pupils to explore a broad range of religions and variations of worship. We endeavour that all our students develop a deeper understanding of religions other than their own beliefs, which in turn will enable them to flourish in life by being accepting and tolerant of others. Through an engaging curriculum and memorable experiences pupil will enjoy discovering more about themselves and appreciate the value of faith.

As a result of this they will:

❖ Increase and develop their understanding of different religious worship

❖ Increase their knowledge and attitude of different faiths

❖ Develop and use their skills in enquiry, analysis, evaluation, and argument

❖ Develop their interest in different religions and forms of worship, sparking their curiosity and motivation to learn

❖ Develop a sense of identity through learning about their own beliefs and the differences and similarities to others


We teach the National Curriculum and the EYFS framework, supported by a clear skills and knowledge progression using Oxfordshire Diocese Scheme of Work.  This ensures that skills and knowledge are built on year by year and sequenced appropriately to maximise learning for all children. It is important that the children develop progressive skills and understanding of different religions throughout their time at St Nicholas  CE Primary School and do not just learn about Christianity. Through the following, we aim to provide a rich and broad experience in the study of RE.

Planning and Lessons

From the long-term overview, teachers use Oxfordshire Diocese Scheme of Work and adapt them to create a sequence of lessons. Teachers aim to provide a wider religious content for each topic covered, through exploring different religious worship, drawing on previous knowledge of religious celebrations and the current content. Lessons are planned using a sequence of lessons from the scheme of work and resources are adapted appropriately. Pupils are encouraged to use their own experiences and understanding alongside discussion to deepen their learning of how religions differ and worship is carried out in particular fashions. In developing religious enquiry, we present topics with a wider, curiosity-based question to engage pupils in their learning and developing questioning within them.


FS Pupils are assessed against the EYFS Framework.

Pupils in years 1-6 are assessed against the criteria in our progression and skills document.


By the time the children at St Nicholas CE leave our school they should have developed:

❖ A secure knowledge and understanding of people, events and contexts from the religions covered

❖ The ability to think critically about RE and communicate confidently in discussion with adults and peers, and styles appropriate to a range of audiences.

❖ A passion for RE and an enthusiastic engagement in learning, which develops their sense of curiosity about the past and their understanding of how and why people interpret the past in different ways

❖ A respect for religious worship across a range of religions and the ability to talk knowledgably about differing types of religious worship

❖ A desire to embrace challenging questions regarding worship, including opportunities to undertake high-quality discussions across a range of RE topics






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